Brewing Up Creativity

How to Scale Your Creative Business with Alexandra Coombs

March 24, 2023 Alexandra Coombs Season 3 Episode 6
Brewing Up Creativity
How to Scale Your Creative Business with Alexandra Coombs
Show Notes

In Episode 68 of Brewing Up Creativity, Danielle is joined with Alex Coombs, the founder and visionary behind Northern Spruce Media to chat about scaling your creative business organically.

Catch What's Inside This Episode:

  • Alex's story, previous businesses, and how/why she started Northern Spruce Media
  • Defining what "scaling" means for your business
  • Evaluating and initiating the best practices to grow your business
  • How to navigate the self-doubt that comes with scaling your business
  • The one piece of advice Alex would give to those are looking to grow their business, but unsure where to start

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About Alex:
Alex Coombs has been working in the media industry for the past 12 years. She has worn many hats during this time – as an editor, videographer, and photographer for several different companies. One of Alex’s biggest successes and passions has been teaching classes (Photo, Video, Editing & Graphic Design) at Mohawk College which she started at the young age of 22. With 11 years’ experience as a Professor, she has mastered these skills.

Alex is the visionary behind Northern Spruce Media Inc. With growth at the forefront of her mind, she has expanded the business from a one woman show to the rapidly growing team that it is today. She believes in leading and empowering her team through mentorship, and fostering community.

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