Brewing Up Creativity

The Future of Influencer and Social Media Marketing with Shanley Gibb

July 22, 2022 Shanley Gibb Season 2 Episode 13
Brewing Up Creativity
The Future of Influencer and Social Media Marketing with Shanley Gibb
Show Notes

In Episode 51 of Brewing Up Creativity, Danielle is joined with Shanley Gibb. This episode covers the current trends in marketing and how Shanley see's it leading with the way social media is changing and the trends that come along with it. We dive into the PR world for both influencers and content creators and what they need to add to their marketing strategy, as well.

Catch What's Inside the Episode:

  • Shanley's background experience and what made her and the other co-founders of Samurai Media start an agency, Samurai Media
  • How digital marketing has evolved and where it's going
  • The key strategies influencers need to consider for their online marketing
  • PR, what is it and what should we be doing to get the coverage we deserve
  • Staying on top of TikTok and Instagram algorithms

Learn More About Shanley:

She brings her drive and flair along with 6+ years of digital marketing experience to the Samurai Media team as an Account Director and Partner. With national foodservice programs featuring 200+ chefs, social media campaigns, influencer marketing programs, and digital media ad buys under her belt, Shanley is taking on consumer food and beverage brands and chef, lifestyle influencers. She is creating buzzworthy and high-impact digital marketing strategies to take these brands and influencers to the next level.

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