Brewing Up Creativity

Healing Our Body Through Nutrition with Georgia P. Grey, INHC

May 13, 2022 Season 2 Episode 8
Brewing Up Creativity
Healing Our Body Through Nutrition with Georgia P. Grey, INHC
Show Notes

In Episode 46 of Brewing Up Creativity, Danielle is joined with the nutrition expert herself, Georgia P. Grey, INHC. Georgia  is the founder of the Denver based practice, Whole Body Healing Nutrition. Georgia helps people feel well through food and self-care. She specializes in Lyme Disease, autoimmune disease, hormone imbalance, and weight.

Catch What's Inside the Episode:

  • When Georgia discovered her love and passion for holistic nutrition
  • What happens to our bodies energy and creativity when we don't provide it the proper nutrients
  • A few amazing and simply tips to integrate healthier food items into our daily lives without leaving out foods we love
  • The imbalance in the medicinal world and finding a healthy balance between medicine, vitamins, and healthy food options
  • The piece of advice Georgia offers to those looking to follow their gut instincts with their health 

Find Georgia Online:
Instagram: @wholebodyhealing
TikTok: @wholebodyhealing
Podcast: The Whole Body Healing Podcast (with Georgia Grey)

Learn more and apply today for the August session of Nutrition Business Bootcamp, a five session virtual course where people can learn how to build the nutrition business of their dreams. 

Interested in working with Georgia one on one for nutrition? Schedule a free discovery call today!

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